Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grandpa's Ukulele

Well, June is a special month for my granparents. It was the month they were married, and (almost 50 years later), it was the month they were reunited in heaven. My grandpa died very young. My grandma loved him very, very much and it was the hardest thing she ever went through. When she spoke to me of that time, she would always smile through tears and tell me about her first ukulele.

After her husband died, she was left with two young children (one my mother) to care for, and she knew she had to find a way to be there for them. So, she went out to the music store, and bought herself a $20 ukulele. It seems like a silly thing to do at a time like that, but whenever I asked her she would simply reply, "It's impossible to frown while playing the ukulele."

So on the nights when she missed "Daddy Gordon" the most, she would sit her two little girls on her bed and play for them on the uklele. She'd play into the night, and then they'd watch the sun rise on the porch.

About two months before she died, she went into her office and took that ukulele off the wall. She brought it to me. She told me that she wanted me to have it. She always loved listening to my music, and she said me and that ukulele was a match made in heaven.

Well, that old ukulele has seen a lot of smiles through lots of tears, but it was there for my grandma when grandpa left, and it was there for me when she left too. And you know what? She was right. "It's impossible to frown while playing the ukulele."

Much love.

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  1. I could have sworn I said to follow this blog last night. Like your blog. Sweet story. Keep them coming. : )