Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Glimpse Thru the Veil

As I've mentioned before, my grandfather died very young. My mom was only 2, and of course me and my siblings never knew him. When my older siblings were growing up, nobody ever spoke of "Daddy Gordon", because the memories were too painful for my grandma. One day, my older sister was visiting Grandma for summer and found an old trunk. She asked my grandma what it was. My grandma sadly replied it was all the letters Gordon had sent to her when they were engaged. "Who's Gordon?" my sister asked. At that moment my grandmother realized that as much as she was missing him and was pained by his memory, it would be more sad for her grandchildren to not know who their grandfather was. So that year for Christmas, she put together a book of all the letters my grandpa had written to her when they were engaged so all his posterity would know him. It was entitled "A Glimpse Thru the Veil".

This was such an amazing project, and guess what? I had no clue it existed! I was very young when this happened, so I did not know about it. I mentioned to my older sister that I was starting a genealogy blog, and she said I should do a post about "A Glimpse Thru the Veil". And then she pulled out the book! I have been blessed with so many resources, and I'm wondering how many of them I didn't even know existed! Well, I'm gonna go get to know Daddy Gordon better.

Much love.

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