Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Apple of Love

Every year since I was very little, my family has been attending what is known as "The Apple of Love". It is a huge (and I do mean huge) reunion of all the descendents of Dave and Ruth Lamoreaux. There are a lot of us. Every year we all get together, tell stories, sing songs, and the aunts take around giant plates of apples. Everybody takes one slice of an apple. That's it. I always thought my family had a strange obsession with apples. It wasn't until I was much older, however, that I learned the meaning of the Apple of Love.

When my great-grandma Ruth was young, she fell in love with a man named Dave. Her father wasn't crazy about Dave. But she ran away and married him anyways. From that day on, her father stopped speaking to her, and Ruth had no communication with her family. That Christmas, she was missing her family dearly, but knew she was not welcome at home. So she went out and bought a box of apples and sent them to her father for Christmas. When the apples got to the family home, her father's eyes filled with tears he was sorry he had disowned his precious daughter. He opened the box, took an apple, and he proclaimed it to be the best apple he had ever tasted. It was because it was the Apple of Love. They both forgave each other and lived happily ever after(ish).

So every year, we all get together to celebrate our family heritage and remember the Apple of Love. And this is the family song we always sing at the end:

No matter where you go
You'll be a Lamoreaux
Remember this great truth
A piece of Dave and Ruth
Is inside of you
And the legacy we live
Is to love and to forgive
Stand up for the right
Flee to the light
That's the road of Lamoreaux

Much love.

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